Fully custom products

We're finally offering fully customizable designs. We've had a lot of requests, so we thought we should make it an official option. So, here's how it works. Same process as the above option. You make a custom request order, we design, show you a preview, and print your products. Pricing is different due to the fact that we have to build each design from the pixels up.

Initial design fees start at $50 per character and $20 per object to be placed in the thought bubble. Prices can fluctuate up or down depending on how complex or simple the design is. Actual price will be quoted on each individual request. Once you've paid to set up a design, you can use the design as many times as you'd like. You just pay the regular price of the product. What are the regular prices of the product, you ask? Great question! Here they are.

Tote bags: $30
Regular T-shirts: $30
100% organic cotton American Apparel T-shirts: $40

Design fees are paid up front before the designs are started. This design fee is a none refundable charge. We'll be committed to your design, so make sure you are too.