Customizable 2B products!

This is where you customize your very own 2B character to be printed on a tote bag ($30) or shirt ($40 or $30). See our "about products" section for more information about the products (tote and shirts) themselves. And, see our 2Bs in action images to see samples of our products. Now, just follow the steps below and you'll have your very own custom 2B in no time.

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1) Our base designs for our products are of a character and their thought bubble. The first step is to choose your custom combination of one character and the object you would like to be in their thought bubble from the characters and objects menu.
Step 2) Make your custom changes.
- Note 1: This is where the fun happens. This option includes one round of changes to the character you choose. Changes are made in the form of substituting existing character parts for the ones your character has. For example, if you like another character's hair style, you can substitute it in for the one you have. You can make changes to hair, outfit, body shape, and colors.
- Note 2: Fill out a order email and send it to us at
- Note 3: A preview will be sent to you via email for approval.
- Note 4: Changes at the preview stage are NOT included in the price and WILL cost $5 PER change. Change hair? $5. Change outfit? $5. You get it.
Step 3) Wait 2 weeks for delivery of your most awesome custom 2B product.
- Note: The 2 weeks begin when we receive an approval email from you.

Click here to see the character and object menus.
Click here to see sample order email.